Discovery Through Design, a Discovery Place Museum Initiative!

Discovery through Design, a Discovery Place Museum Initiative!

Discovery Through Design is a Discovery Place Museum Initiative funded through the LEGO Playful Learning Museum Network serving youth in Charlotte’s underserved communities. Discovery through Design serves both daytime and after school student groups through a museum-inspired design challenge and its community at large through unfacilitated museum experiences.

Discovery Through Design is a Discovery Place Museum Initiative funded through the LEGO Playful Learning Museum Network serving youth in Charlotte’s underserved communities. Discovery through Design serves both daytime and after school student groups through a museum-inspired design challenge and its community at large through unfacilitated museum experiences.

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Raise A Child Carolinas

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Frequently asked questions.

Do we have to stick to the areas of inspiration for Discovery Place or can we choose our own?2023-03-28T12:25:41-04:00

Because these challenges are deeply rooted in the museum experience and because our experience specialist team has worked so hard to prepare these areas of inspiration for your students, we ask that you stick to the created design challenges. It also allows more ease during the project window and during the project’s data collection and checkpoints.

How do we determine the quantity of materials needed for each group?2023-03-28T12:25:41-04:00

Toolkits are premade by our youth volunteers here at Discovery Place. Those toolkits already have a set number of materials in them. Your sites were also provided with boxes of LEGO bricks to distribute along with the kits. You may add more to your kits if you find you need more. Again, please be sure additional materials are sustainable and non-consumable.

How much time do we have to complete this project?2023-03-28T12:25:41-04:00

The project is originally slated for nine-weeks, which is the maximum time allotted. However, each site has the flexibility to decide what works for them. Even if the project is shorter, we just ask that you give the project enough time and space as to not lose the integrity of the project while you and your students work.

Is there a project liaison per site?2023-03-28T12:25:40-04:00

Yes. To help control the flow of consistent and accurate communication, there is a main contact for your organization and a main contact per site. If you are unsure the main contact person at your site, please ask lead person at your organization.

Are we allowed to use outside materials?2023-03-28T12:26:01-04:00

that you make sure these materials are sustainable and non-consumables to keep in line with the environmental principles and standards of LEGO Grant. Our goal is to create a safe, healthy, and sustainable environment for children around the world.

Will a Microsoft form be sent midpoint?2023-03-28T12:26:01-04:00

An active link exists on the nine-week planner your group received at professional development. Those links will also be sent in the reminder emails for checkpoints at each stage of the process.

Will the timing of the field trip work for us?2023-03-28T12:26:01-04:00

Yes, we ask that you take advantage of any early release, in-service days, or weekends. Our museum staff has also designated extended hours on certain days of the week to accommodate field trips associated with our Discovery through Design LEGO initiative.

Do we need to bring kids whose parents are not allowed to bring them?2023-03-28T12:26:01-04:00

You will bring your students for their pre-field trips. For their post field trip, please reach out in the event you need transportation for students whose parents do not have the transportation to bring them to the museum to see the showcase.

Are the planning tools for this project provided by Discovery Place or are we responsible for providing the planning tools for the project?2023-03-28T12:37:47-04:00

Discovery Place has provided the project materials, a 9-week planner, and a STEM project worksheet as a foundation for this project. Because each of our partner organizations have different priorities and different amounts of time they will allot to the project, each organization will plan how they chose to execute this. They will also decide which additional supplemental materials they’d like to use at their sites as they take part in the initiative.

Who will be at the showcase?2023-03-28T12:35:41-04:00

The showcase will be open for several weeks and opened to guests visiting our museums, meaning any museum guest can wander in and look at your students’ fabulous creations.

What is the digital artifact? Will software be provided to upload it?2023-03-28T12:35:34-04:00

The digital artifact is quite the fancy way for saying “five still images and a one-minute video.” When students complete their project, they will be responsible for taking five pictures of their project and creating a one-minute video where they will, along with their group, explain their projects, challenges and learnings along the way.

What about children who are not allowed to be photographed?2023-03-28T12:35:26-04:00

You are responsible for providing us a list of students who did not provide us with a photo release form. Unfortunately, because of permissions, we won’t be allowed to release that student’s video at the display. We are creatively thinking of other ways the work of those students still makes it to the display showcase.

Will there be any media coverage for this?2023-03-28T12:27:00-04:00

We are uncertain at this time.

Do we receive one toolkit per group or one toolkit per site?2023-03-28T12:27:00-04:00

Each group will receive a kit. Remember that students are to divided into groups of four. The number of toolkits your site receives is based on the number of students you submitted to us. We took that number, divided it by four, and provided one or two extra toolkits just in case you have uneven numbers in a couple of your groups.

What are the important deadlines for this project?2023-03-28T12:27:00-04:00

The deadlines will be determined by the call after your field trips and your site plans. Because each organization has a different timeline, actual dates may differ. However, the most important deadlines are scheduling your field trips within two weeks of professional development; distributing your permission slips, photo release forms, and administering your Draw A Scientist Pre-assessment; and submitting the Week One, Week Five, and Week Nine Forms.

Are students required to speak during their presentation?2023-03-28T12:27:00-04:00

They are not required to speak live. Any speaking students will do will be done via video prior to the actual showcase.

What do you do if your numbers are off and you don’t have four students per group?2023-03-28T12:27:16-04:00

It’s okay if you have one or two groups of three as you execute the project. We understand that all circumstances aren’t perfect. We’d just like for each child to have an exceptional experience.

Are modifications allowed?2023-03-28T12:27:16-04:00

Certainly. We want this project to have a wide reach and to include as many children as possible. We understand that language and level modifications are necessary. In fact, we encourage them.

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