Kenneth Lewis, M.A.
Project Lead – DP LEGO Museum Initiative
Heather Norton, M.A.
Chief Science Officer
Science and Nature
Nikki Hill, Ph.D.
Interim Chief Learning Officer,
Discovery Place Kids – Huntersville, Rockingham
Courtney Ball, Ph.D.
Director of Research and Evaluation,
Science, Nature, and Kids – Huntersville, Rockingham
Angela Watkins, M.A., M.S.A., and E.D.S.
Director, Discovery Place Kids – Rockingham
Lindsey Gordon, M.A.
Director, Discovery Place Kids – Huntersville
Gabor Zsuppan, M.A.
Senior Director, STEM and Museum Experiences
Science and Nature
Carla Katz
Manager, Museum Experiences
Science and Nature
Michael Katz
Manager, Outreach and Digital Programs
Science and Nature

Krysta Dean
Experience Specialist, STEM Design
Science and Nature
Rebeccah Modestti, M.A.
Experience Specialist
Kids – Huntersville
Megan Goodwin
Experience Specialist
Kids – Rockingham